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Patient safety when choosing the HME Filter - (Heat and Moisture Exchanger)

Patients undergoing mechanical ventilation lose physiological capacity filtering pollutants and adequately heating the air.

Patients undergoing mechanical ventilation lose physiological capacity filtering pollutants and adequately heating the air, as you can see, breathing through an airway prosthesis (endotracheal tube or tracheostomy), in these cases is necessary to use a device (HME filter) that replaces the physiological functions of the body.

Heat and moisture exchange filters (HMEs) are devices placed between the tube endotracheal / tracheostomy and the “Y” connector of the ventilator circuit, and it often have a microbiological filter. They are able to heat and humidify the gas that is inhaled, in addition, it also act as a microbiological barrier. They are indicated for use in practically all patients, its contraindication is related to restrictive patients, gas carbon dioxide retainers, extreme hypersecretives and patients with severe pulmonary bleeding.

They are divided into three categories:

  • Humidifiers with hygroscopic condensers are more effective for use a low thermal conductivity condenser as paper.
  • Hydrophobic humidifiers use an element that repels water with great surface area and low conductivity, they have excellent filtration capacity.
  • Mixed humidifiers, that is, hygroscopic and hydrophobic, have satisfactorily moisture and heat production properties and microbiological action.

In addition to these characteristics, the professional who will choose the HME filter must be aware of its volumetric capacity, dead space, resistance and flow, as well as in the humidification autonomy.

The HME BeCare Filter is characterized as a mixed filter, that is, it has properties hygroscopic (heating and humidifying) and hydrophobic (microbiological barrier). The adult version is prepared for maximum use by 48 hours, it has a tidal volume of 150 to 1500 ml, with dead space of 30 ml only! Its filtering membrane has pores of 0.02 microns, with 99.9999% filtration efficiency preventing cross infection risks and fluid flow; its hygroscopic membrane guarantees humidification above 70%, preserving the patient's respiratory tract.

We have a line of filters that serves from neonatology to adult patients, we value the quality of the product, as we know that part of the success of assistance in health is our responsibility.

When choosing the HME BeCare Filter, the healthcare professional can count on not only the product, but with all the technical support necessary for implantation, approval and use device.

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